All Events Cancelled

Due to the COVID-19 Stay at home order, we have no events scheduled at the church or otherwise. We will have our Sunday services live streaming online on Saturday nights at 5pm and Sunday mornings at 8am, 10 am, and 12 pm. See below for the link for that. Stay connected also with various encouragements and helps through our Facebook page. There will also be stuff for the kids and families. 

Online Church Service – Finding Peace / 3.28 – 3.29.20

Join us as Pastor Kevin brings an encouraging word about how we can find peace in light of everything. The service will stream live on Saturday 3/28 at 5pm and Sunday 3/29 at 8am, 10 am, and 12 am. We would love to have you join us with our worship team leading and a message from Pastor Kevin. Check out our Facebook page for a separate link for the kids and family from Pastor Casey. Live service link:


3 thoughts on “Events

  1. Hi, I’m contacting you from way up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I heard a message from Kevin a couple of nights ago on a Chicago AM station about relationships that really spoke to me as we are.dacing some challenges in that regard. I’m wondering if a transcript is available somewhere as I really feel the need to hear what the Lord inspired Kevin to say. God’s blessings on your ministry- 1st time I ever heard it….impactful !

    • Hi John, Thanks for contacting us! So glad to hear that the message ministered to you. The message was a weird title from a series we did called, “The Games We Play”. We took various games that we are familiar with and used them as a starting place to jump into some spiritual conversations. We have had great feedback from this message, which was titled, “Scrabble”. I do not have a word for word transcript from the actual message, but I would be happy to send you my notes which should be pretty close. Of course you can download the message from this site as well, as now you have the weird title of the series and message. I will email you my notes. Thanks for your feedback and letting us know our reach made it all the way up to Ontario! Blessings!

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