Our Story

Our church has a long history, but one that has had it’s ups and downs. The church began in 1956 at it’s current location in Burbank ,IL. The first pastor was Vern Korte who also built the physical building as well.

In the 1978 another church was started by Pastor Len Arnell in Oak Lawn, IL. They were looking for a building and the church in Burbank had closed down, so this new church called Believer’s Assembly moved in about 1980. Around 1984 they built on an addition that is our current sanctuary.

Sometime in the 90’s the name of the church was changed to Crossroads. We cherish the spiritual investment of our pastors and leaders throughout our past. Our goal is to honor those leaders and the godly deposit they have made in our lives as we press toward the mark of growing strong leaders for God in the present and the future.